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Torments and Humiliations: Volume 5 , Hörbuch, ...
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The Torments and Humiliations collection continues with Volume Five. This work contains 13 vignettes, scenes, and short stories including titles such as: ´´Working Sissy Wife´´, ´´The Grinder Sisters´´, ´´Swinging Neighbors´´, ´´Lesbian Cuckold´´, ´´Ant Farm´´, ´´Sissy Hell´´, ´´Mummy Makes a Sissy´´, ´´Sissy Bird´´, ´´Sissy Play Date´´, and many more. A note from the author: I am often jotting down ideas in notebooks, pieces of paper and on my computer. Sometimes they are complete scenes; other times simply ideas or notes. Some find their way, in whole or in part, into my longer published works. Others languish, awaiting their unveiling to the general public. Some are parts of other books that have ended up on the cutting room floor as it were. But I never throw anything away. I have decided to gather a second selection of these and aggregate them into this collection: Torments and Humiliations Volume Five. The topics range from chastity, cuckolding, cross-dressing, humiliation, Black Masters, devious punishments and humiliations, sissy maids, and other assorted items that will, it is hoped, tease, titillate, and torment the submissive male. Enjoy. C. P. Smythe This audiobook, as with previous Torments and Humiliations books, contains a bonus audio track: Sissy Maid Hypnosis. The author, publisher, and narrator provide this bonus track for entertainment purposes only and make no claims, for or against, the validity of hypnosis. However, if you feel the urge to dress in a French maid costume and clean house, well...we´d love to see. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Miss Erica Kent. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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