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Element Jensen Wk
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Jensen WK SHORTSW1WKA4Act natural, dress accordingly. Bring out authentic, natural style with this bamboo print chino short.PRODUKTEIGENSCHAFTENJBamboo print walkshorts.Chino styling.Flex twill.98% Baumwolle, 2% Elasthan.

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Stand: 13.06.2019
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Taste of the Cane: A Submissive Spanking Humili...
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I pulled up my knickers and arranged my dress again sobbing once more and trying to compose myself by wiping the tears away from under my eyes. As I turned around I saw what he had been arranging and on the desk were four bamboo wood canes. I wanted to turn and run but knew I had no choice but to accept my punishment for my missed homework.´´Take a good look at them, feel them if you like, you will be choosing the one I will use on you”Based on the real life consensual kinky adventures of KN Dancer, this is the second in the series of short spanking stories about a college student and her headmaster. This naughty story includes plenty of sexy spanking, role play, domination, and humiliation. A must listen for any BDSM spanking fans. 1. Language: English. Narrator: KN Dancer. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Warm Weather Knits
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Paying attention to shapes, details, pattern stitches and fibers that work especially well for summer, Deborah Newton presents more than 20 sweaters and accessories to knit. The designs use a variety of cool fibers and blends, from classic cottons/linens/blends and lightweight ´cool-wool´ to new ´green´ organic and recycled yarns, as well as specialty yarns/blends such as bamboo and soy. Known for her finesse with textured knit stitch patterns and finishing details, Deborah has geared the designs toward a stylish audience, young as well as older, with sporty designs as well as dressy. There are summer cardigans and pullovers; two twin sets (one whisper-weight for hottest days); coordinated family sweaters for man, woman, and child; variations on the indispensable tank top; a tunic worked two ways; a dress; two shawls, and a market bag.

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