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The Book of Medicines
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Poetry. Native American studies. Steeped in her Native American heritage, Linda Hogan's latest collection of poems, THE BOOK OF MEDICINES, brings together stunning lore-like imagery and Native female spirituality. Histories of the earth, its natural elements and ancient inhabitants, are revitalized and given new meaning. Hogan offers an eco-feminist philosophy, encouraging women to accept their role as care takers of the environment. 'Linda Hogan's vision is breathtaking; the embryonic fingers of a fetal whale, the imperial walk of a raven, the torn-cloth dresses of her Chickasaw ancestors, are distilled in these pages into a critique of human survival'-Barbara Kingsolver. Hogan received an MA in English and Creative Writing at the University of Colorado at Boulder and began writing poetry, novels, short stories, plays, environmental works, and academic pieces.

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